Why adopt outside of your race/ethnic group?

Our family went to Greenville, SC this weekend to participate in the Together for Adoption Conference. Saturday was a great day - hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. I'm always amazed at how creative God is. He opens people's eyes to the orphan crisis and then He gives them the most creative ways to meet needs. I love the Body of Christ!

One of the speakers addressed the question that we've heard so many times...."Is it okay to adopt outside of your race/ethnic group?" We obviously think it's right - but I've never had a good answer beyond "that's what I think." The speaker made it so simple when he said, "God does it, so why shoudn't we?" God adopts us into His family - every tribe, race, ethnic group.

The focus of the conference was on OUR adoption by God. It got me thinking......how many of you have ever heard a sermon on OUR adoption?

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