Celebrating Advent

Several years ago we started an advent tradition. Each Sunday night leading to Christmas we light the advent candle and share a little devotional. Our favorite part is when each family member chooses a Christmas card that we've received during the week and we pray for that family. I know this will shock you, but we've only received ONE Christmas card this week! So, I guess God knew that we all needed to spend time praying for our friends Tripp & Buffy and their son, Hunter - adopted from Guatemala. Buffy, how in the world did you find time to get your cards done this early?!
We love this family and count it a privilege to be able to share in their lives.

I was amazed at how the kids prayed what was on their heart without really knowing this family's needs. David and I of course knew their concerns and were so touched to hear our kids pray specifically for those things. We hadn't told them what to pray but God did! Of course we can't get through a family prayer without someone saying something "funny". They're just so honest with God. Cameron has developed an interest in hunting this year so his prayer went something like this,

"God, thank you for little Hunter. He's got a great name!"

So, I guess my encouragement to you would be to celebrate this Advent Season in any way that makes sense to your family. It's a great way to remind them what Christmas is all about. And....get those Christmas cards to us so we can pray for you:)

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