Encouragement for those waiting on children

Waiting....it's pretty hard for me. In December, 2000 God made it crystal clear that He had a daughter for us. Christmas came and went and I didn't miss her - I didn't even know her. I was just excited that He had called us to adopt.

Christmas 2001 - we finally "got out of the boat", stepped out in faith and started the adoption process. What took us so long? We were overwhelmed by the cost. We were excited to finally be on the journey!

Christmas 2002 - our paperwork had been turned in for 4 months but we didn't have a referral. It was the third Christmas since God had told us that He had a daughter for us. We had named her "Baby Caroline" and the boys kept asking when she would be home. I didn't want to take family pictures because I didn't feel like my family was complete. It was hard.

Christmas 2003 - Well worth the wait! Caroline had been home less than a month and it was as if I had forgotten about the 3 years of waiting.

I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. Kind of like Moms who give birth to their children - they tend to forget what a "pain" it was!

Why am I sharing this? Because I know some of you are waiting. You've waited longer than I ever did. And Christmas is hard. You long for your child to be home with you. There's a verse that God gave me during the waiting and He showed me that it was 100% true.

"The Lord is wonderfully good to those who wait on him."

I pray that you will cling to it and know that His timing is perfect - even when you are tired of waiting. This video is super short - but it's the first moment we met Caroline. You might want to turn the volume down to avoid hearing my Mom giving "directions":)

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