Photo #7

We were at a church in Guatemala, thinking that we were there to minister to kids in need. The team had worked hard to prepare a carnival for a group of kids who were sponsored by Compassion International. They go to the church twice a week where they are tutored, fed a nutritious meal, and experience the power of God's love.

This is one of our favorite ministries in Guatemala and teams love to minister to the kids. They knew we were coming and so they had worked for weeks to prepare a special program for us. Each class made their way to the stage with a special song or dance. In this groups' mime the little girl had a beautiful paper heart. One by one boys came on stage and tried to take her heart from her. Three boys stole her heart and ripped it to pieces. The little girl fell to the ground, crying over her broken heart.

You could have heard a pin drop as the mime progressed. In the end this little boy shared Jesus with the girl and she prayed to receive Christ. God was there that day and everyone in the building could feel the Holy Spirit.

Our team mistakenly thought that we would minister to these kids. But they ministered to us!

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