Praying for Pastor Carlos

One of the joys of ministry is meeting incredible people from around the world. One of our favorite couples is Pastor Carlos and Delmi who faithfully minister in Guatemala. Delmi is like my 2nd Mom and Carlos always makes me smile.

Pastor Carlos had surgery on Dec. 5 to remove a mass, his prostate, and his gall bladder. After weeks of complications he is now at home. My friend Sarah was in Guatemala and describes her visit with him at the "hospital."

"It was a rude awakening for me because when we left to go visit, I was expecting to arrive at a hospital that looked somewhat like we have here in the United States. As we pulled to the curb in an area of low-rise commercial and residential row buildings, you had to look hard to see the sign that indicated a hospital was present. For those of you who have been to Guatemala, it looked like most any of the area we pass through on the way to the airport from the compound. There was a guard to let us in and you could see a car in the attached garage. There was one hallway and on one side you saw the office, the operating room, and three rooms for patients with three beds per room, and the other side you could see the car inside the garage. Some of the glass panes that separated the hallway from the garage were broken.

When we left, I asked Pastor Luis if it was really a hospital. He told me it is what is considered a private hospital and there are many of them all over Guatemala City for people who cannot afford the better grade hospitals. He said that Pastor Carlos and Delmi looked at their options and that was the best they felt they could afford. My first thought was that "most people in the States wouldn't take their dog to a place like this and I sure don't want Pastor Carlos here." While it was not a place I would like to be, it did provide care for Pastor Carlos and he is doing better this week. However, I personally think that he is doing better because of all the prayers that were lifted on his behalf. Thank you so much for praying for him and for Delmi. She is doing okay but is physically and emotionally exhausted."

My heart breaks for them. They are so faithful to serve the Lord and the people of Guatemala. Now they are faced with medical bills of $10 - $12,000. Will you pray with me that God will heal Pastor Carlos, give Delmi supernatural strength, and provide for their needs?

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