The Body of Christ

We traveled home with our friends Vivi and Guido – watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. We’ll take home great memories of our time with these two. It will be exciting to see how God uses them in the years to come. Vivi has always had a special passion for orphans. Their hearts for Him are strong and we believe that God will continue to open doors for them to lead others to Him.

When we arrived back at Robert and Ana’s house we were treated with a visit from Nicaraguan missionaries – who have spent the past 12 years in Mali, East Africa. Sometimes I think our idea of a missionary is a Caucasian, North American – serving in a far off land. Obviously God calls His children throughout the world to leave their homeland and serve Him across the world. A beautiful sight!

We were able to visit a nearby church that was built with help from Shady Grove Wesleyan in Colfax, NC. For five years or more teams were sent from this local church to help build this church in Costa Rica. Many prayers, money and time were given to make this dream a reality. It was a joy for us to visit this beautiful church and share with their Pastor. It’s amazing what God can do when we listen to His call and obey.

We were sad to leave but incredibly grateful for our time in Costa Rica. Pastor Roberth shared with us about churches they support in Honduras and Peru who are ministering to orphans. It would be awesome if God allowed Caroline’s Promise to partner with our friends in Costa Rica to meet the needs of orphans in those countries.

Kendall especially was touched by our time there. He cried when we left and has made plans to return when he is older to “live with Ana and help Pastor Roberth at the church”. I can think of no better dream for the future!

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