Connecting with friends

Saturday: We went with our friend Vivi and her nephew Mattias to an amusement park in San Jose. What a treat! The kids needed to get out and stretch their legs and we had a blast! That afternoon and evening we visited with our friends, Rolando and Vilma and their four children. I stayed with this family on my first trip to Costa Rica. It was a special blessing to visit with them, if even for a little while. We are a little concerned about Cameron who quickly developed an eye for Costa Rican girls. Oh my word are we in trouble!

It’s always a privilege to worship with our brothers and sisters in Costa Rica. The church has grown numerically and spiritually. Instead of hosting mission teams from North America, they are now sending their people throughout Central and South America and Africa. They are meeting physical needs and sharing Christ in amazing ways. While we were there people were meeting early in the morning to travel to an area of the country that had been affected by the recent earthquake. They were giving sacrificially of their money, resources and time; realizing that these people in desperate need were now sensitive to learning more about Christ.

Pastor Roberth asked us to share in the service. It was an honor to explain how God had used our time in Costa Rica to begin this ministry to orphans. Of course Caroline was a beautiful example to them of what it means to be adopted. Roberth preached that morning on what it means to be a Child of God – adopted. And he shared how God has dreams for all of us…..we just need to pay attention.

As usual the music was incredible and the power of the Holy Spirit so strong that even our kids noticed. Most of the songs were new to us. At one point in the service I prayed, “Lord – would you have them sing a song that I know? I’d love to be able to worship you freely – without having to learn a new song.” Literally within seconds they switched songs and sang a Hillsong piece that is one of my favorites. And just as it looked like they were ending the song, the worship leader motioned for them to sing it again!

At the end of the service Cameron was so touched that he asked how he could accept Jesus into his heart. To me, there’s no greater honor than to pray this prayer with my kids. God is good!

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