Iguanas, Monkeys, Raccoons and God?

What do these wild animals have to do with God? We learned a lot from them a few weeks ago when our family was in Costa Rica. In the next few days I hope to journal a bit about our vacation and the things that God taught us.

Twelve years ago I visited Costa Rica for the first time. It was an incredible mission trip and for several years God used our time there to show us some of His dreams for our lives. (you can read more at former posts)

We’ve wanted to return to Costa Rica and visit our friends but it’s never seemed reasonable to spend the money. We decided to save our frequent fliers, making it more economical to go and God planned the trip of a lifetime!

We spent part of the week with our friends, Pastor Roberth and Ana. Our kids felt right at home and fell in love with the people and culture of this beautiful country. They also had plenty of time to practice their Spanish!