The fun continued as we walked through the Manuel Antonio National Park. How gorgeous! We were beginning to wonder if we would see any wildlife. Suddenly we were surrounded by white faced monkeys. The kids chased them down the beach and one brave monkey even stole our Cheetos out of our bag.
By far one of the coolest moments was when Cameron found a huge iguana, sitting on a log. Almost in tears he exclaimed, “God must really love me Mom! He knew that I wanted to see an iguana and He gave me one!”

Of course a day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without a visit from some raccoons! They walked right up beside me, reached in our bag, and stole all of our peanut butter sandwiches!

We were amazed by God’s creation and touched that He would show us that we’re on His mind.

This was a day of rest! The kids swam and David and I sat and talked. Our mornings with the Lord were precious. David secretly wanted to see monkeys at our house and God provided. We were entertained for hours by these cute creatures, right off of the veranda.