MY potatoe story

Directing a non-profit can be challenging when the economy is great. It can be down right difficult when the economy stinks! God is constantly reminding me that His economy is different than the world's and that He will provide everything we need to accomplish His will.

A few weeks ago I was struggling to find funding for our upcoming Seeds of Hope Banquet in North Carolina. I was discouraged to say the least. One of our board members, Sarah called and encouraged me with a story of a local children's home that she had visited that week. The Director told Sarah the story of how early in their ministry she had needed potatoes to feed the children. Her first response was to go home and see if she had potatoes in her kitchen. But the Lord stopped her dead in her tracks and told her that she needed to trust Him to provide. As the day went on people randomly stopped by the home with bags of potatoes, just sensing that God was asking them to donate them.

I was encouraged and I asked God to "bring me a potato story!"

That afternoon I received a phone call from the marketing director of a local car dealership. David and I had been chosen to receive the Modern Automotive Citizen of the Month Award. What an honor. The coolest thing is that Modern Automotive donated $1000 to Caroline's Promise! God had given me my potatoe story.

He can do anything and He will. So many times I find myself in situations where I can't make it happen. He teaches me over and over that I can trust Him. He is faithful. I love the ways that He is receiving glory from the day to day in my life. What do you need to trust Him for? Do you need a "potato" story?