Headed to Uganda

I admit, I'm a horrible blogger. Life gets busy and this blog falls to the bottom of the list.

I wanted you to know that a team of seven will depart for Uganda, Africa today. Our purpose is to identify orphan projects that Caroline's Promise can support. Will you pray with us? We'd love for God to make it crystal clear.

You could pray for our families too! It's hard, leaving them for so long. You could check in on them if you want:)

I hope to post regularly and give you the opportunity to journey with us. You are a huge part of this vision trip through your prayers and your support. Thank you! Oh! One really exciting thing: we will be able to visit our lastest grant family. They are in Uganda right now - finalizing their adoption of their baby girl. Be sure to check back this week as we hope to catch up with them!

One last thing: I was reminded this morning of why we do what we do. In Ephesians 1 we learn that God adopted us! Can you imagine? When I stop to think of the fact that He CHOSE me and made me the focus of HIS love - I'm amazed. Why would we not do the same? That's why we go. Because there are fatherless children in our backyard and around the world. And He's calling us to take care of them.

Thanks for your prayers!