Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Riding dirt bikes in Uganda:)

We had a great suprise on Monday! We visited the Gaba Church's ministries - African Renwal Ministries. These guys do incredible ministry with the people of Uganda. A special treat was a boat trip across Lake Victoria. For those of you have been to Guatemala with us - it would remind you of Lake Atitlan - minus the volcanoes:) Once on the other side we were met by 8 guys on dirt bikes! My boys would have been so excited! We rode for about 20 minutes and ended up at Bethany Village What a beautiful place! A school and homes where widows care for 10-15 orphans. Most of the kids were in school but we were blessed to spend a few hours with some of the kids. They treated us to a special song and dance and were eager to tell us "their story." Every story is different......but they all have similar themes.....pain, loss, sadness, hope through Christ.


  1. I have a similar pic with Keith in that very same spot!

  2. Love it! Nothing better than a good "boda boda" ride!

    Joseph says, "Boda boda in Kampala? very bad idea" He only let us ride them in the more obscure villages!

    Have fun, even while being ruined a little more each day