Does God really bless us when we give?

Months ago when we were praying about leaving the church that David had attend for 17 years and I for 30 years - we made a list of the pros and cons. It was a huge decision for us and one that we did not take lightly. Our entire family got involved as we made a list of things we were looking for in a church. One of the priorities was a church that is "other" focused. Not that our previous church wasn't - just that we knew we did not want to be a part of a body that didn't serve others.

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to see that the church we are now attending supports the local Pregnancy Care Center. This is a ministry close to my heart, having served on staff for 4 years before starting a family and my private practice. They were handing out baby bottles, asking us to collect change to be returned on Father's Day. Yesterday before church Caroline and I were counting the change - more than $30! Kendall was confused....."Why are we giving "extra" when our family is "struggling?"

It was a valid question. Kendall has ears and is old enough to understand that things are tight for us financially. Although I had been receiving a salary with Caroline's Promise - that funding dried up a month or so ago. And David's business of 18 years has taken a huge hit in the past year. We've had to make some difficult decisions, like laying off employees who were like family - having worked with us for 18 years. Kendall also has picked up on the fact that there are plenty of individuals and businesses who have neglected to pay us. It "hit" him yesterday that if these people had done what they were supposed to do - David's business would not be struggling as much as it is.

So the question was valid, "Why would you give that $30, Mom?" It was a great opportunity for me to explain the ministry of the PCC and share with Kendall how we don't stop giving just because our income has decreased. I challenged Kendall (and myself:) to trust that God would bless us somehow in the week to come. "Just watch, Kendall - something will happen this week!"

Again, this morning as David and I prayed before he left for work, we asked God to show His faithfulness to Kendall (and to us:). I went about my day - a meeting and 3 clients. While meeting with the last client I sensed God asking me to offer her counseling at a reduced rate, for as long as she needed it. It didn't "make sense" humanly - but it was clear that He was asking me to do it. So I did.

That's when it happened! David called and had checked the mail at work. One of the individuals who owed us had decided to pay! Now, it's really just a drop in the bucket of the amount of people who owe us money - but it has spoken VOLUMES to our family!

God is faithful. He always has been. He always will be. When we step out on faith - He blesses us. What a lesson for Kendall - and a great reminder for his parents!

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