Day 1 for Team 2

Friday morning 8 of us left the hotel in Guatemala City to meet Team 2 at the airport. It was hard to say goodbye to the first team. Thursday night we enjoyed a beautiful dinner in a typical Guatemalan restuarant and then spent a few hours debriefing back at the hotel. It was such a joy to hear how God had spoken to team members throughout the week. Each of them narrowed down their top 3 experiences and then asked God to show them what He wanted them to learn. Even the kids on the team could identify lessons from the week.

Some of the lessons learned were....

¨ I need to invest more in people instead of focusing so much on the doing part of ministry.¨¨
¨I realized that I do make a difference in the lives of the people I meet.¨
¨I need to stay focused on what God has called me to do.¨

Many team members expressed a new appreciation for the ways God has blessed them and many have sensed a call to help orphans.

Team 2 arrived safely with all luggage in tow! What a blessing! After a long, uneventful drive to Eagle´s Nest we got settled and got to know one another. This team is a little different because we have members from several states. We´re having fun getting to know each other.

Today the men are digging a trench for a septic system and lines. Thankfully there´s a great breeze. It feels like spring today and God has blessed us with no rain! The ladies are sorting supplies. We´ll deliver school supply bags and hygeine bags to kids throughout the week. We have a lot of supplies leftover so we´re asking God to show us who needs these items. Will you pray with us? We can´t wait to tell you how He leads.

Tonight we are having a party with the older girls. There are 4 of them who were matched with families before adoptions closed. They are happy girls, well taken care of. I wonder sometimes how they have felt, knowing they have a family in the US but not being able to go live with them. These girls have watched many children leave Eagle´s Nest. My heart breaks for them. But they are loved, cared for, attend a great Christian School and know that Jesus loves them. I just told them in my preschool Spanish that there would be a party for them tonight. ¨Only for us, not the little ones?¨ they asked. You should have seen the smiles on their faces when the oldest girl explained to the youngest that the party was just for them! We will post pictures later tonight.

I almost forgot! After lunch our team will work with our friend Ashley to care for all the kids while Josh and Staci take the ¨mamas¨(caregivers) into town for icecream and new shoes. We are thankful that we can help in this way so that these beautiful women can enjoy an afternoon on the town!

Thank you for your prayers. We had very little sickness last week and God blessed us greatly!