Day 1 Update from Tami

It is a sunny Saturday afternoon in Solola, Guatemala...which is a rare blessing during these typically rainy summer months. However, the view across Lake Atitlan reveals storm clouds forming, which means they'll probably be here soon enough. Hopefully, we won't get drenched while shopping at the market in Panajachel this evening. Other than the threat of rain, the weather is as close to perfect as you can imagine right now.

In addition to the lovely weather, our team has lots to be thankful for today: safe travel to guatemala and the children's home yesterday (even though there were a few tense moments on the bus!) and we are healthy and happy. We are also thankful for Josh and Stacy, the sweet couple from Alabama, who are serving as interim directors at Eagle's nest and doing a wonderful job of hosting and accomodating our large group.

We completed our first major task today, getting all of the school supplies organized and packed in 875 individual zip-loc bags which will be handed out at the schools we visit this week. Everyone worked together in an assembly line (thanks for the suggestion, David) and got the job done. We also were able to get the teacher bags organized and ready to distribute.

The rest of the day is recreation, shopping and dinner down the mountain in Pana. Tommorow, we are all looking forward to church here at Eagle's Nest and then our first day of VBS will begin. Beginning tommorow and through Wednesday, team members will also have opportunities each day to play with the children and help out around the orphanage.

Please pray for continued good health, weather and team harmony. Also, pray that our first VBS event goes smoothly and that we are able to minister in real and meaningful ways to the children and their caretakers. Finally, pray that as we strive to serve and glorify Him, we will not only make a difference but that we will also be made different.

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