Monday - Team 1

This morning our teacher team went into Solola and presented a training to teachers from 4 different Christian Schools. Our team did a great job and the teachers responded with lots of questions. We were able to give them backpacks with supplies for their classrooms. It was a great time of encouraging them. 48% of Guatemalans are under the age of 14 so these teachers have a great opportunity to train the next generation!

Several of the teachers at today's training were tutors at the Compassion International Project. They said that despite the fact that funding is down greatly, none of the Compassion staff has been laid off and they are still working hard to keep the program running. We asked how many of the compassion teachers were once sponsored kids. About 1/2 raised their hands. It is really wonderful to see the program coming around full circle and the once-sponsored kids are now grown and investing in the lives of others.

This afternoon our team did VBS for over 200 kids. The kids enjoyed skits and singing along with lots of fun and games plus great lessons about Jesus and his great love!

Perhaps the bravest team members are those who, for the past 2 days, have taught swimming lessons to the older kids here at Eagles Nest in the FREEZING cold pool. It's been unusually chilly and the nightime lows have been in the 50's. So, you can imagine what the pool feels like. Way to go Kaitlin, Dean, Andrew, Cameron, Eric, Jacob and Kendall!

Barbara has been cooking up a storm. Her cooking is so good that we feel a little guilty for eating so well on a mission trip!

The kids who joined us for this family trip are all doing a really good job. They are all getting along and doing well working and interacting with the kids from the orphanage and children from the town as well. It is a real joy for the moms on the trip to watch their children reaching out and serving others.

Tomorrow is our first school visit. Part of the team will work with teacher training while the rest of the team holds a carnival for the children at the school. Please pray for another successful event!

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