Time flies

Boy, time flies when you're having fun! Obviously I need a team member to keep the blog up.

On Monday the ladies helped at the Children's Home while the men worked on the new church. This building will also be a school and a clinic. The guys have been digging a trench for septic lines and a huge hole for the septic system. I'm pretty sure we won't get finished with the huge hole:)

On Monday afternoon we went to the Compassion Project in Solola. This is one of our favorite ministries to visit. Several people at home embroidered fleece blankets for the kids. All 150 kids received a blanket, school supplies and a Kindermusik flute. The kids presented a program for us and then our team shared how they are God's treasure. The little blue boxes were a hit. The suspense built as Tara explained that God's greatest treasure was inside the box. All at once they opened the box to find a mirror inside - THEY are God's greatest treasure!

On Tuesday the guys kept digging their hole while the ladies went to a local school to paint. The cool thing is - we visited this school on our first Caroline's Promise trip to Guatemala. It's a sweet little school with precious kids. It's Wednesday and the team continues to paint and dig the hole:) We are having great times of worship and devotions at night.

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