Tuesday Update

Today we got an early start as the team headed to the village of de Fey "Faith" for our first school visit. The school is a public school which consists of classrooms constructed from cinderblocks and a tin roofs. The classrooms are small and dark with no heat or air conditioning. It was a very cold morning, and the classrooms were cold and damp. The beauty and color of the children and their teachers stood in strong contrast to their grim looking surroundings.

The children were a little shy at first, but they eventually warmed up and were so sweet and cute as we interacted with them. We did crafts, played soccer, sang songs and explained God's plan of salvation to them. Meanwhile, our teacher team conducted a training workshop with the school's teachers. We then presented the school with a huge crate full of school supplies, educational tools and soccer balls. We gave each child a zip-loc baggie filled with school supplies and candy. The appreciative look on the faces of the principal, teachers and students was precious. So a big, Guatemalan "Gracias" to everyone who donated school supplies for this trip. We can assure you they were much needed and greatly appreciated!

This afternoon we did our last day of VBS with the kids. We had at least 350 kids this time. Lots of the kids had learned the songs and hand motions we've been teaching them and it was really awesome to watch them sing along to "Christo es Rey" (Christ is King) and "Yo Confere en Ti" (I trust in you). Kudos to Cindy for the wonderful job of getting the kids excited about learning the music. At the end of VBS, we handed out bags of school supplies and candy to the kids. More than a few of them tried to come back through the line for a second bag...we had to tell them "No Mas" (No More) and "Solamente Uno" (Only One). It was so sad, because we realized just how little these kids have. Who could blame them for trying to get another bag? We'd have given them each 100 bags if we had them to give.

Everyone on the team is still healthy and doing well, but tired after the past few days. Today was especially long...both physically and emotionally draining. Pray that we all get a good night's rest. Tomorrow we travel to Guatemala City, with a stop for shopping and lunch in Antigua. Pray for safety in travel and a relaxing day. Muchas Gracias!

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