Wednesday Update

Today, team 1 said our goodbyes to Eagles Nest and left Solola for Guatemala City, where we will spend the rest of the our time. We stopped for a few hours in Antigua for lunch and shopping. Antigua is a beautiful old town located about 45 minutes away from Guatemala City. Even though there appears to be more wealth in Antigua than in Solola and some of the more remote villages, there is also a considerable amount of poverty. Street merchants and beggars flood the streets and parks hoping to earn enough money to live. Mothers and their children work together, offering tourists a variety of merchandise, including: woven bracelets, scarves, necklaces and wooden instruments. We met this adorable little guy in Antigua's Central Park when his mom and 8 year old brother approached our group with bracelets for sale.

After Antigua, we made our way to the Hotel Princessa in Guatemala City. Tonight we are all going to try to get to bed early, because we leave at 7:15 AM for tomorrow's school visit. We are also spending time processing the many experiences we have had so far and asking God what He has wanted each of us to learn and see on this trip. Please pray that tomorrow, our last day of mission work, goes well. Also pray that each of us will have discernment as we listen to God regarding His desire for us on this trip.

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