Day Two at Mercy Orphanage

We awoke early for devotions, an awesome breakfast prepared by our hosts and a spirit-filled learning opportunity with Pastor Peter from Gaba Community Church. It seems the Lord is continuing to impress upon each of our team members the burden of how we can empower the believers here to continue the ministry at Mercy Orphanage long after the “westerners” are gone. There are so many immediate needs of the children such as basic medical care, food on a daily basis and safety that need to be addressed – not to mention the long term needs. While our hearts were broken yesterday (Day 1) we were also immensely blessed to be led in worship by the children. YES, by the starving, malnourished, sick, orphaned children who, with the voices of angels, were praising the name of the living God as if they had every amenity and luxury one could afford and not a care in the world. As I sat there and held a boy (burning with fever, who had fallen asleep in my arms), I wept with a broken heart for these who have no earthly parents to comfort them and I wept with humbled joy in the presence of our Heavenly Father who has not forsaken them.

Enter Day 2…We arrived back at Mercy eager to play with, love on and feed the children. We were immediately greeted with smiles and laughter from the children we met on Monday as well as many more that had traveled from the neighborhood to see the “Myzunga’s” (White people)

These greetings brought smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts. These were washed away quickly, not from the heavy rain that had begun to fall but from the revelation of the evil these children encounter on a daily basis. Ministry did happen at Mercy today. Not as we had planned with each member of the team performing a function in VBS, then moving on to the next activity of play. Ministry happened with the Lord spreading this team throughout the Home to minister to the broken children who fear the dark and the horrors that come in the night…to the sick children needing immediate medical attention…to the house “Aunties” who have also been forsaken by the world and to all the innocent children there who have no earthly hope in their despair…but continued to Hope in our mighty God who delivers and saves! Ministry did happen, but not as we had planned. It was as God planned.

The day at Mercy ended with heavy hearts; our heavy hearts broken for the suffering of the Orphans and Widows at Mercy. And yet, we also gave praise to the living God who, as Sarah’s daughter so beautifully said, “connected all the dots” long before calling us here. He continues to work His good and perfect purpose for His children. And through the obedience of a motley crew of nine Americans from all walks of life, we are striving to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Praise, glory and honor to You, oh God!

Written by Lisa Loos

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