ONE Person Making a Difference

Did you know that Caroline’s Promise has several Giving Circles?  On our website we define “Giving Circles” as “groups of individuals who come together at an established time, for a specific purpose, with an end result being that somehow the ministry of Caroline’s Promise benefits.  “Giving Circles” rally together for a greater purpose in mind…in essence  to “pay it forward”.”

One Giving Circle, The Art of Giving, focuses on representing Caroline’s Promise at area festivals and community events. This group, led by Jennifer Barnes, makes their own crafts as well as sell some fair trade items that have been purchased in Uganda and Guatemala. They meet every few months to discuss the needs of Caroline’s Promise and how they can promote our ministry.

We asked Jennifer if she would tell us about her story and how she became involved with Caroline’s Promise.

Jen Barnes My journey with Caroline’s Promise started at the first Caroline’s Promise banquet five years ago. I did not know anything about Caroline’s Promise at the time. Lisa had asked my Sunday school teacher if she had anyone that would want to help at the banquet. I said I would, since I love to help people. The night of the banquet, my heart was touched and I have been volunteering with them ever since.

I am not an adoptive mother. But you do not have to be an adoptive family to work with Caroline’s Promise. The joy year after year of seeing the children and the grant recipients is great. I have yet to do a missions trip with them, but knowing that the things that I do here are helping those children, and the joy it brings to them, warms my heart. I thank God for bringing Caroline’s Promise into my life. It is wonderful to work with them and I am so excited about the new Giving Circle I am involved with: The Art of Giving.


If you would like to join Jennifer in her Giving Circle, you may contact her directly at Or, if you are interested in starting your own Giving Circle, go to our website and follow the link to Giving Circles at As Jennifer’s story points out, you do not have to be an adoptive family to make a difference. The power of one person sharing their time and talents makes a difference. How about you?

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