Worth The Wait

Guangzhou200 This is Doug and Beth. That sweet little girl in the middle is Li Yan. Doug and Beth have been praying and hoping for a child for years. They have worked hard, prayed, hoped, worked harder and prayed more and hoped and worked even harder and prayed even more and hoped. Waiting for them on the other side of the world was Li Yan. She didn’t know it yet. Doug and Beth didn’t know it. But God did. And through His providence and care, He united this forever family. Here is their story, from Beth:  “Caroline’s Promise got involved with our adoption journey about a year after we got started with the entire process. Three-plus years later, we are still connected. Lisa has just recommended a wonderful book, The Connected Child, to help us as we bond with our new daughter.

God has been faithful to us throughout this process, which has now just begun in many ways upon our return from China. We couldn’t be more grateful to Caroline’s Promise. Without their support and the help of many others, our dream of parenthood would have remained only a dream. Of course the work has been difficult. We have been stretched it seems, to the limit in all directions. But for us, to be able to have a healthy six-year old girl running around the house makes it more than worth all of the sacrifices.

Most people don’t realize all that folks have to go through to adopt internationally. We got so tired of people asking “Why does this take so long?”, or “When do you expect to go to China?” Again, our dream has been to have the opportunity to bring up a young girl in a loving, Christian home and share God’s love with her and give her a life that she would otherwise never have. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. We are grateful for the gift of this reality. Thank you Caroline’s Promise for your part in making our dreams come true.”