A Love Story, Part Two

Today we continue our Love Story with the Bower family. Our last post highlighted the wonderful change that could be physically seen in Sonia once love had a chance to grow on her through her forever family. This post is going to look at Emily's personal journey, bringing home a child and the process of that child becoming a daughter. In Emily's own words...

"Today I felt like a mom. A really proud mom of four. I had read and talked with several friends that told me before traveling that there are two kinds of adoptive moms: the ones who fall head over heels in love upon first glance, and then there is the majority, the ones who grow to love their children over time.

Please do not get me wrong, I felt extremely protective of her from the moment I saw her picture. I knew in my heart she was the one for our family. I knew she was a "Bowers", I could see it in the way she furrowed her little brow just like her dad! I knew she was the perfect fit for our family when the kind Sister at the Home of Hope brought her out to meet us for the first time. However, we were strangers to her and she was a stranger to us. Even up to last week, when I rocked her at night, she would not make eye contact. She wasn't stiff or resistant, she just averted her eyes when we were close.

Last night, we read Goodnight Moon, as we do every night, then Hop on Pop, which she loves. Then we began to rock, Sonia leaning in to snuggle close. My hair fell onto her face as we were adjusting the bigger-than-life baby doll she was toting around and she carefully pulled my hair back. She bgean to play with my hair, babbling and talking to me, and looking into my eyes the whole time. I don't know when it happened: I guess love has just been growing and growing over the last five weeks. I just embraced her, so overwhelmed with the love in my heart for her.

A mom to four. All of the mine. I would do anything for them. God is amazing the way He can knit hearts together in such a fashion that you can no longer tell when one ends and the other begins."

"Love has just been growing and growing..." and thanks to your generosity, this sweet little girl will grow up in love. Thank you for partnering with Caroline's Promise. Together, we are reclaiming hope for orphans, just like Sonia once was.

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