Jody? Who is Jody?

Have you noticed that sometimes at the end of a blog post it says "Posted by Caroline's Promise" and sometimes it says "Posted by Jody"? Have you wondered who that is? Well, hi, I'm Jody. I am one of the volunteers that serves Caroline's Promise. After a couple years of doing administrative work for CP, I approached Lisa about assisting her with the blog. If you know Lisa at all, she wears multiple hats as the director of CP, along with the regular hats she wears as a wife and a mom...the blog was one more thing she was working into her already busy schedule. So I asked if I could help and she said yes!

What happens most often in my "bloggy" volunteer role, is Lisa will send me links or pre-written articles and I either write a post or, if one is already written, I polish them up and then send back to her for approval. Once she has approved them, I publish them. This allows her to still play a critical role in what gets published on the blog without taking away precious time she needs elsewhere. Its a win-win because I love to write and she loves the extra time! At the start of the new year we decided to publish the posts I work on under my name instead of the CP blog name, just for clarity. So, there you have it!

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