A Local Way To Help Around The World

Amber Gravely is a senior at NW Guilford High School and did her senior project on orphans. This summer she will be travelling with Caroline's Promise to Guatemala and has hosted several events to collect shoes to take to Guatemala and Guyana. But collecting shoes was not enough. Recently, Amber came up with the idea to host a "sockhop" for local elementary schools. Her first sockhop was for Morehead Elementary School, hosted at Westover Church in Greensboro. Over 400 attended and the event brought in over 1,000 pairs of donated socks! Her next sockhop is scheduled for May 7 at Colfax Elementary School.

If you are interested in hosting a sockhop at your school please contact Caroline's Promise and we'll connect you with Amber! Thanks Amber for showing us all how one individual can make a difference.

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