A Perspective on International Adoption

"My life's greatest privilege and joy is being the mother of my beloved adopted daughter, Lexa, from Kazakhstan. The fact that God chose to entrust me with such and amazing and lovely creation makes me feel so loved by Him that my heart could just burst. But, let's face it, parenting a child, whether adopted or biological, isn't easy. Prior to adopting, I was exposed to many of its challenges through my involvement with Caroline's Promise and other orphan-support organizations. As a single adoptive mother, I did not go into the adoption process with rose-colored glasses about the pre and post adoption challenges. I knew that I would need the support of others to successfully raise my adopted child.

Like many adopted children, my Lexa has some degree of speech delay. I really did not realize how verbally behind she was or the social impact of that delay until I enrolled her in day school last fall. I was terribly disappointed by the manner in which the school addressed Lexa's challenge. During that time, I also discovered that Lexa has a keen sense of awareness when she is being treated in an unloving manner and responds with her own special dose of unlovingness as well! Thankfully, God led me to a fabulous speech therapist and a wonderful new day school. I also fell in love with the book, "The Connected Child" as well as all of the insights of Dr. Karen Purvis. With that winning combination, Lexa is thriving and becoming all that God intends her to be!

I can attest from personal experience that, just as God led me to Lexa, He has led me to the resources and people that not only understand the challenges of adopted children but also loves them dearly. If you are an adoptive parent who is struggling to meet the needs of your precious child, I want to encourage you to prayerfully seek out the help you need to raise your child to their God-given potential. Your adoption agency should be able to point you in the right direction. Local resources, such as Caroline's Promise, and adoption support groups (both locally and online) are also available to not only help your child but also to help YOU be the best parent you can be!"

Written by Lana Hedgecock, former board member of Caroline's Promise.

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