Thoughts From Caroline's Promise

We at Caroline's Promise are deeply concerned and saddened by the story of the adoptive mom from Tennessee who sent her 7 year old adopted son back to Russia. Although we do not seek to judge her, we are appalled by the way she handled a very difficult situation. It brings to light that adoptive parents often feel frustrated and alone. There are resources available to help families, but perhaps we as the Church are not doing our best to make them available. Over the next few days we hope to highlight the positive stories of adoption of older children and especially children from Russia. Our hope is that people will not be discouraged from adopting and they would not believe the lies of the media that insinuate that all children adopted from Russia "have problems".
I feel like this week my eyes have been opened in a fresh way to the spiritual battle for orphans around the world. We have an enemy who seeks to "steal, kill and destroy" (John 10:10) and his plans are to take away any hope that orphaned children may have. It is sad that the actions of one adoptive mother could impact so many lives around the world.
In a statement by The Joint Council on International Children's Services on April 15, 2010, we learned that inter-country adoptions between Russia and the United States have been suspended. The Ministry of Education has not confirmed this statement.
Regardless, the fate of thousands of pending adoptions in Russia now hangs in the balance. Because of one woman's actions. Children who were matched with their forever families and those families who have invested so much to get their children wait, unsure if they will ever be united.
This is a spiritual battle. And we are not helpless. We invite you to join with us as we pray for these and other children around the world. Help us reclaim hope for them!

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