A Creative Way To Raise Adoption Funds

As with all families adopting, raising funds can be difficult. The Griffin family from Rockingham County is getting ready to unite their forever family and they have found a creative way to raise funds.
Have you ever sponsored someone in a walk-a-thon or golfing event? Well, the fundraising idea the Griffin's came up with is similar. Instead of walking or golfing, the Griffin's and a group of their friends are getting sponsors for the volunteer hours they will work to help a local widow fix up her home and yard. The money raised will assist with adoption fees and travel costs for the Griffin family. Additionally, Osborne Baptist Church in Eden, NC is offering an $8,000 matching grant!

If you are interested in helping, the event will be this Saturday, June 19th at the home of Rebecca Rhodes. (408 N 2nd Ave, Mayodan, NC 27027). For more information you can contact Clay and Amy Griffin at: clayandamyg@yahoo.com