Monday In Guatemala City

Monday was a great day at Casita Adonai. This school has about 70 kids and is in a depressed neighborhood. Many of these families were displaced after Hurricane Stan and made homes for themselves on a plot of land close to the church. The people are very poor and struggle specifically with alcohol and drugs. There are limited opportunities for the young people and many find themselves involved in gangs.

Iglesia Adonai is a lighthouse in the darkness of this community. They are reaching people in many ways, but one of the greatest is through their school, Casita Adonai. There are five classes, preschool, pre-K, kindergarden, first and second. We learned this week that minimum wage in Guatemala is about $190 a month. These teachers make $127 a month and it’s a struggle to pay them most months.

Caroline’s Promise is excited to partner with Casita Adonai. Our goal is to help them reach the children and families of this neighborhood in an effort to prevent orphans. Many of the children are raised by their moms because their fathers have abandoned them. Being a single mom in the States is difficult, but in Guatemala it is overwhelming. When the kids attend Casita Adonai the moms are able to work to provide for their families.

We were greeted Monday morning with a special program from the kids about the different regions of this beautiful country. We learned a lot and loved watching the kids perform in their typical dress. Some of them even recited their parts in English!

They loved our games and crafts and simply the interaction with people who love them. We felt such great appreciation from the teachers and staff of the school and are looking forward to investing in them this week. We’ll leave on Saturday and they will remain, with a very difficult task. Please pray with us that we will be able to equip and encourage them in their ministry.

In the afternoon we painted part of the school……Carolina Blue Our mural team will begin drawing today and hopefully by the end of the day we will have a great start to brightening up the place. We would like to thank First Christian Church in Kernersville, NC who chose Casita Adonai for their Vacation Bible School Offering. At least $1200 was raised and we are going to be able to make a huge dent in some projects that need to be done around the school.

Everyone is doing well. Just a few stomach and cold issues, but nothing like last week. Thank you so much for your prayers!