Thursday in Guatemala

It's Thursday morning and the sun is shining, Hallelujah! It looks like our prayers for an end to the rain have been answered.

We've had several awesome days of ministry. We have so many uniquely gifted people on this team and it's been wonderful to witness the body of Christ at work in so many different ways. Our teacher team, Doris, Esme, Joanne and Lisa, conducted a full day of training for local teachers from the school and children's home at Eagle's Nest and from the Compassion International program. Topics included brain development, learning styles and how to create file folder games. Blake and Ethan taught self-defense.

Another team headed up by our Children's Ministry expert, Chris, has done a great job working with the Manna feeding program that is hosted here at Eagle's Nest. The team has played games and made crafts with the kids. They've also shared Bible stories and face painting. Today we'll hand out the shoes that Amber collected.

(Jody's note: Over the last six months Amber collected a total of 3,085 pairs of socks from her senior project in hosting Sock Hops at local elementary schools. She also collected shoes, totalling in 370 pairs of "happy feet" for the children. Thanks Amber for all your hard work!)

We also have several artists on our team. Doris has spent much of the week drawing murals on the walls of the Children's Home and has led a team of painters in bringing her creations to life. The murals should be done today and they are gorgeous! The children and mamas love them! There are lots of pictures on the Flickr photo stream.

We still are asking for prayer for several team members who are fighting illnesses. A stomach virus is continuing to make it's way through our team. No one has gotten seriously ill, (so don't worry mom and dad) but it is unpleasant, to say the least.

Remember to check the Flickr photo stream on the right side of the blog, we're adding photos often!

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