Two Teams in Guatemala

The past few days seem like a blur. Our first team spent Friday in Antigua. What a beautiful city! One of our team members, Jordan, walked into an old church and was surprised to find her boyfriend waiting for her with a ring!!! They are such a sweet couple and the first to get engaged on a Caroline’s Promise team!

We were excited to arrive in Guatemala City Friday night because our second team was waiting for us. We’re staying in a dorm style building across the street from Pastor Carlos Rivas and his wife, Delmy. They pastor Iglesia Adonai and he is the National Superintendent for the 14 Wesleyan Churches in Guatemala. Our first team spent the evening sharing what God taught them throughout their week in Guatemala. We were reminded again that it’s the little things that we do in love that make the biggest impact.

In the middle of the night Friday a few of us went with Rick to a private hospital because he was having complications with a kidney stone. After several hours of tests and pain medication Rick and his wife Ronda decided to go home to North Carolina for treatment. With help from one of our Board Members, Tim Wall, we were able to get them on the same flight that our first team was taking home. Thankfully Rick made the trip and is receiving treatment. Thank you for your continued prayer for them.

Saturday was a much needed break for our team as we spent another day in Antigua. I (Lisa) personally needed the down time. Our time in Guatemala has been eventful to say the least. Caroline had an eye infection, at least 9 of our team had a stomach virus, and several have colds. Not to mention Rick and Ronda having to go home. I truly believe that God is doing something big in and through these teams. That is why the opposition is so great. We have committed to pray more and it seems like the obstacles have made our team stronger and more united. We are thankful for God’s peace and strength.

Sunday has been an amazing day! We worshipped with our friends at Iglesia Adonai. First a group of girls sang. They were precious. Then a group of young ladies were baptized and we shared communion with the church. It was a beautiful service. Our team shared a Bible Story and craft with the Sunday School Classes and we were reminded that these kids rarely get to do crafts. It made me think of all the miscellaneous craft supplies that we throw away in our schools and churches each year. Simple things make a big difference in third world countries. Perhaps you could collect craft supplies for our partners.

Sunday evening we went to Kairos House. This is a ministry similar to The Ronald McDonald House – minus the financial support. In Guatemala parents are not allowed to stay in the hospital with their children while they are receiving treatments. Many families come from up to 12 hours away and don’t have a place to stay. The Valdez family founded Kairos House which provides food, shelter and love, with no charge. Our group provided a meal and activities for the families. Cameron’s third grade class collected stuffed animals for the children. They loved them! Most importantly we listened to the parents and prayed with them. Everyone on the team agreed that Kairos will be a ministry that Caroline’s Promise supports for years to come.

We ended the night with a typical American meal to celebrate July 4th. Hot Dogs, chips, Coke and fireworks!
~Written by Lisa

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