Petersen's Story Of Hope

It was the end of January when God surprised my husband Justin and I. In the midst of the tragedy in Haiti we were standing in an Orlando airport watching Haitian orphans slowly being released one at a time to families some of whom had waited for four years to bring their children home. It was one of the most emotional scenes I have ever witnessed. It had been almost two years since Will, the 3 year old little boy we were adopting, had become part of our lives and we were anticipating another year or two before we would actually bring him home. But there we were standing in the airport waiting to bring our son home to South Carolina.

It was a few weeks later, while caught in the rush of a crazy morning, that I saw a valentine Will had made in Sunday School the past week. It said "I love my family- Love Will” I knew this was one for the fridge so I found a spot of the door for this paper card, that held so much meaning to me. As I placed the valentine to the fridge I realized it was right beside a Caroline’s Promise book mark I had put on the fridge almost a year ago "Reclaiming Hope for Orphans” the bookmark said in bold letters.

Part of our adoption journey had been receiving a grant from Caroline’s Promise in December. It came at a time when Justin and I were overwhelmed and discouraged with where we were in the adoption process. The grant we received from Caroline’s Promise was a miracle financially, and it was another way of God saying, “I’m with you, this is my plan for your family. Don’t be discouraged.”

We are proof Caroline’s Promise is reclaiming hope for orphans. Hope for a bright eyed little boy who is now our son and Bri’s big brother. I have had people tell me what an amazing thing we have done adopting Will. I don't know how to respond because I haven't for a moment felt that way. Bringing Will into our family wasn’t something we did. It was something God did. God spoke clearly to Justin and I that he was calling us to adopt Will. Will is our son not because we are great people, but because God redeems, saves and loves and is willing to adopt us all.

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