Creative Fundraising Idea for Adoption

We are excited to share this creative fundraiser with you! The Hunt Family felt the Lord calling them to adopt from Ethiopia. There was just one problem…..they didn’t have the money they needed to complete the process! We’ve been amazed at all of the fundraisers they’ve done throughout this journey because they are not only raising money, they are educating an entire community about the needs of orphans.

One of the most creative ideas was actually taken from a fellow blogger. They purchased a 300 piece puzzle and invited their friends and family to “sponsor” a piece for $17. Once all the pieces were sponsored the Hunts would have $5000 for the next part of their adoption. The Hunts wrote the name of the sponsor on the back of the puzzle piece and plan to frame it in double-sided glass so that their precious daughter will always know how much she was loved.

The Hunts are a perfect example of families who are giving everything they have to adopt! Each week we hear of couples who are taking part time jobs, selling possessions and sacrificing so much to bring their children home. Caroline’s Promise is blessed to be a part of many of these family’s adoptions. We are in desperate need of funds to continue our adoptive family grants. If you would like to give, please make your tax deductible gift today!

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