PAL Making A Difference - One Child's Story

Children in our first PAL tutoring group in Guyana got together and shared their thoughts on what the group has meant to them. Leon is a 12 year old boy in the group. He wrote the composition for the group.

"I was in school when I started coming to PAL. PAL is a group where we do lessons. I would like to you to know the meaning for PAL is Partnership Achieves Learning. I would also like you to know what I have learned about being a pal and our theme for the group.

I have learned school subjects and what it means to be a pal. First, pal means to be a good friend. I respect my friend and speak positive words. I respect my teacher too and I care for our school stuff. Finally, you always have to be patient when someone is teaching you something.

The next part about pal is our theme. Our theme is to rise higher than I am right now. In PAL you can’t stay low because you are learning more. We rise higher by teaching one another as partners. We always try and we do not quit.

I am glad that I am coming to PAL because it taught me many things. It taught me to read a book good. I learned vowel and consonant sounds, and how to write a composition. I want to keep coming back because it would teach me more things that I do not know. "

Your partnership with Caroline's Promise and support of PAL assists children like Leon to continue receiving education, stability and love. We appreciate your help and encourage you to continue supporting this great opportunity.

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