Welcome Home Bereket!

We were thrilled to be able to award this precious family a $3000 grant to help bring their son, Bereket home from Ethiopia! Their story....

In the fall of 2009, the Lord began to grow His love story of our family through a little boy halfway around the world. After finding Bereket’s photograph on a waiting child list in Ethiopia, my husband and I were deeply moved and began asking God what we were supposed to do. Were we supposed to pray for this child, support this child, or make a way for him to be a part of our family? Removing finances from the equation, we both felt strongly after two weeks of prayer that he was our son and that God would make a way. Basically, since our Lord owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He would just need to sell a few cows!
All our paperwork was complete and in Ethiopia within only two months, however, we faced many delays and challenges on the other end slowing our process. Throughout these delays, the Lord brought several people into our path to encourage us, help with fund raising and pray with us. Caroline’s Promise was an answer to prayer with their financial support and prayers. In August, my husband and I travelled to Ethiopia for our court date and met our son for the first time. I cannot explain the love God has given us for this child! The most difficult part of this entire journey was meeting Bereket and having to return to the United States without him while we waited for the U.S. Embassy to issue his visa. We left huge pieces of our hearts with him there. Seven weeks later, I returned to Ethiopia to BRING HIM HOME! We have been home one week now and no one would ever know he had not always been here. He loves his brothers and they adore him! God bless Caroline’s Promise for their part in bringing our family together!
Bereket's family - Canton, NC 
  One of the main reasons Caroline’s Promise was founded was to provide grants to adoptive families in North and South Carolina. This area of our ministry is becoming increasingly hard to fund. If you are an adoptive family or are passionate about helping families adopt, we would love for you to partner with us. Will you join us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s direction? Perhaps you could host a fundraiser to benefit the grant program. If you would like to donate to this fund please visit the Make a Donation page at www.carolinespromise.net and choose the Adoptive Family Assistance fund.