What child sponsorship has meant to our family

For the past five years our family has sponsored two children from Guatemala. At first it seemed like such a small thing. How could our $35 a month really make a difference for these kids? Then we met our Daniel. He is the same age as our oldest son, Kendall and they have similar gifts and personalities. I was amazed at how much they are alike! The first time we met I immediately felt like he was one of ours. After that visit we decided to sponsor another child and were quickly matched with Melany. She is more like our middle child, Cameron. They hit it off instantly!

Each year when we go to Guatemala we make every effort to spend time with our sponsored children. We've been able to meet their mothers and encourage them. We've seen how the support has allowed them to stay in school and learn how much God loves them. Mostly, the prayers and letters that we exchange have helped our children focus on someone other than themselves. Our family can spend $35 on one meal out. Why wouldn't we sponsor a child instead?
In August I was able to spend some time with Daniel's mother. She shared how Daniel told her, "Mom - it's not about what my sponsors give me. It's more important to me that I know they love me and are praying for me." Every child deserves that. Someone to love and pray for them.

Have you been looking for a way that your family can truly make a difference for a child? I hope you'll consider child sponsorship. Caroline's Promise has been given more than 70 children that desperately need sponsors. We are excited because through this program you will not only be able to support your child, you will also have opportunities to visit them through our sponsorship trips. Will you choose to make a difference for one of these kids?

Learn more at: http://www.carolinespromise4u.org/where-do-i-start/child-sponsorship/

~Lisa Holbrook

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