First Day In Guyana

My first day in Guyana! What a full, busy, tiring day, but wonderful! A lot of walking and sweating. Two big events of the day: morning at a child feeding program at an elementary school. I was able to spend time talking to some of the kids. As I watched the kids interact with each other I thought that in so many ways, kids are the same no matter where in the world! I was blessed to see the heart of those volunteering- they want to help raise strong leaders for the next generation, meeting not just their physical need, but educational and spiritual. And children want to be believed in!
After lunch at a local place (yummm), we continued on to Plastic City. Our goal was to visit and remind parents in the community about upcoming sessions and time for them to meet with us next week. I loved when we spoke with one woman who is letting us meet in her front yard how excited she was! She was concerned she needed to build us benches to sit on. This woman lives in what we would consider a shack. Yet, she was concerned about our comfort while meeting in her front yard. I mean, she has very little and yet, wants to provide for us!
I got the wonderful opportunity to visit with several of the children who attend PAL tutoring. Anyone who knows me, knows I love children. But even I worry, will I connect? And then I am in the moment…and these sweet girls are around me and wanting books read to them, holding my hands as we walk around Plastic City. And again, I am reminded that kids - the world over - want us to care, to be believed in. They feel it, they crave it. And that is what they connect with. It is funny because God has kept bringing me back to the importance of nurturing a child and even nurturing the family, as I have been planning for this trip. And here He reminds again. He wants them to be able to experience His love through us. So, I look forward to this week of making relationships, building bridges, demonstrating God’s Love through supporting the parents, children and tutors. I am so appreciative of God’s love for me!

~written by Stephanie

2 Corinthians 4:7-10 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

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