A super easy way to raise funds for CP!

Today as I was ordering Christmas presents online I got so excited to see all the money I was raising for Caroline's Promise! And all it takes is one little click of my mouse!

It all started a few years ago when I added the Goodsearch toolbar to all of the computers in our house. At the time I was the only one searching the internet. That year I earned $50 for Caroline's Promise just through my internet searches. As the years passed and more people in my house began using the internet, the amount raised for the ministry has increased. In 2010 our family has raised over $150 for Caroline's Promise!

The coolest part about online shopping is that the Goodsearch toolbar includes Goodshop! When I go to a store's website, the goodshop toolbar will light up and give me extra coupons and tell me how much that store will donate to Caroline's Promise from my purchase. It could be 1% - 30% of my purchase. Amazing!

So, if you've always wanted to make a difference for orphans and just didn't know how.......add the Goodsearch toolbar! It's a "no brainer!"

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