Guatemala Christmas Team - Ashley's Thoughts

The Guatemala team arrived safe and sound on the 26th of December. Due to unreliable Internet connection, we've been having trouble posting what the team has been up to! Thank you for your patience as we work through these technical glitches. Here are some thoughts from team member Ashley about their first experiences in Guatemala....

"Leaving the falling snow and stepping off the snow into the unbelievably perfect sunshine was just the first sign of how amazing the mission trip would be. Delmi and Carlos were the most welcoming hostesses there could ever be; greeting us with grilled cheeses sandwiches and delicious soup. After all our bellies were full of the snacks, our group of 12 headed to the dorms to rest from our flight. We replenished our rest and had a full meal for supper at Delmi's again. Since Delmi's food is the most delicious in the world and her prayers so spiritually inspiring, eating her food and hearing her prayers tie for first place in the best experience of our first meals.

Waking up at 6am in Guatemalan time with the effects of the plane setting in was a contradictory start to the continued day. We started the day off with another wonderful meal at Delmi's house and then headed to Casita Adonai (the school and church for the kids). The ride to the school was almost overwhelming, seeing the poverty struck communities throughout the city. With the poverty still in mind, walking in to see the kids' smiling and screaming faces was an emotional thing. It was a heart warming opportunity to see how excited the kids were to attend the school and see us with the aid to help them. We brought Christmas gifts for the kids and teachers and for some of them they are the only gifts they received. To begin our day the kids put on a welcoming performance for us by singing songs that had hand motions. It was awesome to see the difference in songs and games from English to Spanish; ring around the rose and head, shoulders, knees and toes are played differently by the Guatemalans..."

...stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! To see pictures and get snip-its of what Caroline's Promise is up to, click here!

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