Happy Adoption Day Caroline!

Seven years ago today we met our daughter, Caroline for the first time. She was five months old, tiny and perfect! It had been a long journey, but all of that seemed to fade the moment she was placed in our arms. When we think of what life would be without her, one word comes to mind.....incomplete.

In honor of Caroline's Happy Adoption Day, we're asking you to help us support vulnerable children in Guatemala. Many of our kids at Casita are orphans. All of them live in poverty. Daily they are faced with malnutrition.

You can help us change that with your gift of $35 a month. If you've ever considered child sponsorship, I encourage you to do it this month. We need sponsors for 45 children before school starts on January 15th. You can read all about it here.

When I'm in Guatemala I often think of where Caroline would be if God had not placed her in our family. Most of all I wonder, where would we be? I'm thankful that He "interrupted" our life and gave us Caroline. And a greater purpose in life.