Volcano Pacaya Ornaments

The Story Behind the Volcano Pacaya Ornaments--

A really big step for our family was when our twin 19 year old sons were going to Guatemala for over two weeks with two different Caroline's Promise summer mission teams. It's not like they had never been out of the country, like when we adopted Levi from China and when our family spent 6 weeks in Haiti working at an orphanage. But this time they were on-their-on.(kind of) But hey, they are 19 and besides they were going with David & Lisa Holbrook and Tammy Rumsvelt. Needless to say it was a life changing two weeks for them, along with some surprise moments when God not only revealed Himself to them in a fresh way, but He allowed them to experience His emotion, love, care and compassion for the defenseless which not only included orphans but rescued women who had become victims of rape, abuse and violence many times by their own families. How can they ever forget that? How can we ever forget that? It's the way God made us--once we see and experience first hand the reality of the world, it never leaves you and you then become an evangelist of sorts. The story flows freely and the images are forever burned in your thoughts. You can understand Isaiah's perspective when he talks about the message was like, "fire in my bones."

Travel always has a certain level of risk from terrorism, weather or sickness, but this trip was looking questionable because of the Volcano Pacaya. Who would have thought that of all times and places a volcano would begin to erupt, it would be while they were in Guatemala! Eruption in a major way close enough to Guatemala City to spew inches of this coal black coarse sandy ash everywhere. The emissions from Pacaya were significant to the point of closing the Aurora airport! God's provision allowed the volcano to calm down, the airport reopened and business as usual like any two-thirds world developing country. Blake and Ethan were on their way.

Shopping is always a cultural experience and an important part of a trip like this, plus it's just plain fun. (For most folks) I had asked for two things. One was the obvious request for Guatemalan coffee which is wonderful! The second was to bring back some of that volcanic ash. I just thought it would be incredibly unique. So they did bring some back, but it was not "ashy" like I thought it would be, but was a coarse sandy ash that at one time was thousands of degrees in temperature. A combination of devastation from a violent volcanic eruption, but also a testimony to the power of the Creator. He created that volcano. How much greater is the Creator than the creation? God used sand as a reminder to the Father of the Nations, Abraham that his descendants would be "like the sands." The sandy ash they brought home was a huge reminder that is as "Guatemalan" as you are gonna get - that the Father's love, protection and provision does not go unaccounted for - down to each grain of sandy ash. Those that He claims as His own, as the Father to the fatherless, are not forgotten nor overlooked by Him. But WE have to remember, be reminded and are called to prophetically spread the word. The residue from fire is ash. The message of God's love for the orphan, is the message of the Gospel, and like Isaiah said, is "fire in my bones."

The idea of the Christmas ornament was a way to share the residue from the fire. A reminder of the countless orphans and children in Guatemala that need to be remembered by us as we yearn to be like the Father. And by-the-way, Ethan and Blake made it home and the "fire in their bones" is only beginning.

~Written by Tim Wall, father to Ethan and Blake.

Contact us at info@carolinespromise.net to purchase your ornament. $3 for small and $6 for large. Or purchase them at our Christmas Open House this Saturday, December 11. 10am - 2pm at Juicy Java in Kernersville.

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