Lea Ann's Story - The WOW of God

This was not my first trip with Caroline’s Promise or my first trip to Guatemala. I was sure of how this trip would go because in hindsight I had quit expecting God to WOW! me.

For the past four years my mother battled lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system. In that time she survived three returns and each time God brought her out. Somehow I figured with all that prayer and deliverance I must have met my quota of grace and mercy. I took this trip the day after Christmas with one daughter who has been four or five times before and one daughter who had never been on any trip. This was our “present” trip to ourselves after a year of economic hard times and losing a grandmother and mother twenty days apart.

I took for granted God would deliver the money we all needed but in typical God fashion at the 11th hour – He did. We were given a beautiful “White Christmas” and in the morning we had such an abundance of white snow we could not get our car out of the driveway. So after crying and praying for a solution at least one hour past the time we should have been at the airport – God delivered two men and a truck to get us to the airport just in time for our flight.

We arrived from 20 degrees and snow to 70 degree warmth, great food, loving people and a week of work on a school. All the while a little at a time, God revealed His work to each of us, for each of us, in typical God fashion – on His time.

I had forgotten some key points and now on the plane home I can see all of it clearly.

God really does not need me to work things out – but He loves me enough to let me be a part of amazing experiences.

If I just listen and obey and get out of God’s way He will give me what I need, when I need it along with so many other people and he lets us discover it together.

This trip did not just stir my heart. It went deep within. A peace and joy came back that I had thought was gone forever.

I never realized how callous and blind I had become to the WOW! of God. He never stops. I just quit recognizing it. So this trip has reopened my eyes and I realize that I have unlimited WOW!s in my life daily.

I can’t wait for all of the WOWs to come because I cannot imagine what they will be. In typical God fashion they will be amazing!