A Poet Among Us

We were blessed to have Hannah on our team. She was not only an amazing translator but we quickly learned that she is a poet! Hannah wrote several poems while we were in Guatemala. We’re happy to share two of them with you.

G – giving simple gifts from our hearts

U – unreal is the experience we go through together

A – actuality and reality of people’s situations never completely settling in our minds

T – taken for granted the blessings we rarely share

E – everlasting thoughts of return

M – memorable vegetation that thrives on the sharp inclines of hills

A – although McDonald’s is still the same

L – lots of other things bring hopelessness and pain

A – Abba our Father working in mysterious ways everywhere

Hannah Fernandez 12/31/10

Faces unable to be described

Young souls who have seen so many who have died

If I had said I knew their pain, I would have lied.

The sight makes most want to go and hide.

So many have cried.

No shape or form to grasp

Something must be done at last.

And although so many say it is too much of a task

God has said to throw down our flask

And not hide behind our mask

Hannah Fernandez