A Story Of Faith

The Story of One of Our Grant Families uniting with their daughter!

"In October 2009 we (Quintell and Christie) were lead by the Lord to pursue our adoption options. We started with our local Department of Social Services where we received foster parent training and then began the home study process in May 2010.

While going through the home study process, we felt the Lord nudging us towards private adoption. Unfortunately, our flesh and the fear of the cost of private adoption kept us at a standstill. In early January of this year we received a phone call from a friend in Ohio. A friend of hers had recently adopted through an adoption attorney in Florida and the attorney was looking for home study ready families for a few birthmothers that were due soon.

Christie contacted the attorney and a few days later we were submitting our picture profile for birthmothers to review. The week of January 24, 2011 will forever be entrenched in our memory. We weren’t chosen by the first birthmother that reviewed our profile but the attorney had another birthmother due at the end of February. On Thursday January 27, the birthparents chose another family. We were content with wherever the Lord would take us, but deep down we breathed a sigh of relief. On Friday the attorney called and said that the chosen family was possibly backing out and asked us to be praying over the weekend.

We “prayed” all weekend and decided that we didn’t have the money to pay for an adoption and decided to call the attorney on Monday to let her know that we weren’t going to be moving forward. At 9:30pm on Sunday evening the attorney called; the birthmother was in labor and she wanted to speak with us. With nothing but faith and trust in the Lord, we soon found ourselves planning a Monday morning trip to Florida.

Moriah Faith was born at 1:51am on Monday, January 31. When our flesh was telling us “no”, the Lord was saying “yes”. We have learned over the past three months that when you surrender to the Lord’s will, He will provide. We have watched as over half the needed funds has been given to us in the time that we have been home.

Thanks to Caroline’s Promise’s grant that we received, we are able to finalize Moriah’s adoption on May 12, 2011. Thank you for trusting the Lord in your support of Caroline’s Promise and their mission of reclaiming hope for orphans. Because of your generosity, Moriah will have the opportunity to be adopted into the Kingdom."

Congratulations to Quintell, Christie and Moriah!