Green Eggs & Ham in Guatemala

We are blessed to have teachers join us on our short term mission trips. They offer special workshops for teachers and consultation for our partner schools. Several of the kids on our 2011 Guatemala Family Team had Diana Saavedra for first grade at Jones Elementary in Greensboro, NC. The kids thought it would be fun to host a Green Eggs & Ham Party at Casita - just like they did in first grade. Diana was more than willing to help the kids get it together.

The Casita Kids and teachers came to school in their pajamas and made Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat hats. Diana read the story and Denise gave a devotional. Everyone ate green eggs and ham and paraded through the school! They ended up in the new library where they celebrated and Pastor Carlos prayed. t was a fun day for all but especially rewarding to see that God can use our kids to come up with ministry that really works!