Guatemala: A Child's Perspective

Cameron (age 10):

One afternoon we went to Herona and I saw a little boy. The boy was actually 14 years old though he didn’t look like it. So I went over to him and fed him. He could not talk. I spent the whole time with him.

Emily (age 10):

In Guatemala, I noticed that when you smile at someone, they smile back.

Carley (age 12):

A little girl has really grown on me. She was so happy all the time. When we started to leave she started to cry. I felt sad because she was crying…but really happy because I got to know her.

Rachael (age 10):

It has been really special to me to see all these kids get connected with us. One little boy started to love on us and he was just so adorable. It was heartbreaking to leave each time and say goodbye.

Sarah (age 8):

We met a very nice girl. The first day we saw her we had a conversation with her. She hugged us before we left for the day.

Benjamin (age 11):

When we were in the bus I looked outside and saw a young girl (maybe 7 years old) laying face first in the middle of the sidewalk. It was as if she was so weak that she couldn’t get up. It was a sad sight to behold.

Caroline (age 8):

I really enjoyed entertaining the kids by playing jump rope and painting finger nails as they waited to be seen at our medical clinic.

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