Partnership Works! Building a Computer Lab at Casita

A few months ago Steven Martinez of Pennsylvania contacted his former Bible College Professor, Dan Cruver. Steven's parents are from Guatemala but have lived in the states for years. Steven and his beautiful wife Ashley were planning a trip to Guatemala to visit family and were looking for a project that supported orphans. They asked Dan for ideas and he sent them to us! As we talked we realized that they would be in Guatemala the same time we were! So they worked it into their schedule to visit the school and attend church with us.

Steven and Ashley asked if there was a project that their church, could support. We told them about the computer lab that we are trying to build at Casita and they joined the cause, raising over $1200! We were thrilled to meet Steven, Ashley, and his parents, Osberto and Esther. As we talked with Delmy we learned that her father was actually Osberto's pastor when he lived in Guatemala City! And Delmy grew up with Osberto's aunts. What a small world!

Steven and Ashley joined us for church Sunday where they gave gifts to the kids and saw the beginning of the computer lab. With their support we were able to paint, install all the electrical needs for 10 computers, upgrade the security to the room, build a desk, and purchase office chairs. With the remaining funds we hope to purchase the first laptop.

We've been blown away with how God has connected us to people who have a heart for orphans and are ready to make a difference! If you would like to contribute to the computer lab please visit our website, choose the donate button, Guatemala orphan projects, and write "computer lab" in the comment box.

Thanks Dan for connecting Steven and Ashley to us!

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