Remember all the Kindermusik Votes?

If you were involved with Caroline's Promise in the past year you will surely remember us bugging you to vote, vote, vote for us to receive a Kindermusik Grant! Well, your persistence paid off and we received $1000 to build a library at Casita. I guess we just didn't understand how few children actually own books here in Guatemala. We've checked prices while we've been here and a book that would cost $8 in the US is around $28 here. That's crazy!

With the Kindermusik grant we were able to purchase books from Usborne Books and they matched that 100%! New Life Church in Maryland contributed money that allowed us to purchase beautiful Christian books this week. When we arrived in Guatemala we got busy cleaning and painting what was once a storage closet. Our teams sorted and coded the books, recorded books on cd, and helped the teachers develop guidelines for the use of the library. In the end over 300 books filled the room, including excellent teaching resources and learning guides. On Thursday afternoon the first graders filled the room as Pastor Carlos dedicated the library.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. We believe that these books will change the lives of the kids at Casita!

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