Brittany's thoughts on Guyana

How did the time spent in the Plastic City impact you? Plastic City is definitely a unique area. I have never visited an area like Plastic City in the many mission trips I’ve attended. I felt very privileged to be welcomed into PC by smiling faces of residents and especially the children – oh the kids are ADORABLE! Although our time was short, I hope to return to Plastic City someday, to visit friends and make new ones.

What still lingers in your mind at this time? The faces of the kids and their eagerness & willingness to help and have responsibility. Debra. I miss her sweet face and soft spirit!!! Also, the living conditions that we saw while walking through PC. All poverty is striking, however PC hits you to the core, due to its location.

How would you encourage another team that would want to come and serve there? I would let them know that they will forever be impacted and touched by the people they will get to work for and with during their time in PC. They will be humbled in their own life. In your heart you believe you’re going to bless others and serve them, and in return you feel blessed to be accepted into their homes.

How would you define or describe the work there? Fun!!!! Not only did the kids enjoy their craft, but they were just as interested, if not more, in helping with the chalkboard projects. They really wanted ownership and a part in helping with something that they would be able to use later on, for a long period of time. I wasn’t present for the Sewing Project, but have heard nothing but wonderful experience from the women involved with that project. I think it’s rewarding to know that you’re helping start a program to teach women a skill they will have forever that will help them obtain a job, provide for themselves and a family and take pride in. As well, you’re helping aid a teacher to more effectively reach and teach her children everyday which only benefits the educational and creative minds of the future of Guyana.

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