Forgotten little spot in the world

Chris from San Antonio, Texas recently visited Guyana, South America. We love hearing these stories of lives impacted by their time with the kids!

"My walk in faith took a new wonderfully unexpected turn in Plastic City. A new soft spot has been added in my heart after meeting many of the children living there and working with Angie and Geny on the sewing ministry. I love to sew and I went there expecting to help with the start up of a sewing program, to help teach women a new life skill. God always has so much more in store for us, if we can let go of our own plans. I did work with a wonderful group of women there and found myself in an age-old story of women coming together to sew, laugh, share and support each other. While sewing was what brought us together, we were women working together to help each other become better people. Our group started out quiet and shy, but before time came to say our good byes, we had sewed buttons, measured, cut and pinned head scarves, learned our way around a treadle sewing machine and made big plans on where sewing could lead us. I can hardly wait to see pictures of my new friends with their completed projects and see their smiles of achievement. Though my journey in Plastic City may have been short, it was certainly big. God changed lots of hearts those few days.

What still lingers in my mind?

I was paired up with a little 10 year old girl, Taneza. Pink is both of our favorite color! We teamed up together in PAL. We painted a happy face together on Miss Angie's lesson board. She easily used a tape measure and we cut and glued with a group of others to end up with a cork board. She is a smart, adorable little girl and we stuck close together, she helping me as much or more as I helped her. She brought fruit she picked to share with me and showed me how to eat it! I think about my new friend and pray for her daily.

How would you encourage another team?

I can hardly take in all that God showed us in this forgotten little spot in the world. I guess I am most impacted by the children there. What these children have to overcome might seem insurmountable to some. The living conditions are indescribable. Yet they continue to come to PAL, an opportunity for them to see into a different world. The work Angie and Geny do there shines light into what might otherwise be described as a dark place. The children have many challenges simply because of where and how they live. After our few days there, because of a foundation laid by Angie, the children trusted and embraced us. What I witnessed and learned there softens my heart. I pray our time there shows them that others know their plight and continue to advocate for them. I am hopeful other teams will follow, God is working in the trenches there.

How would you describe or define the work there?

Angie has done a terrific job establishing herself into this desperate little community. I have no idea of all the issues and work that she had to wade through for us to be able to stand in our shoes there today. The work and accomplishments in Plastic City seem to be growing in scope. Trust has been established and through good works, it appears God is slowly making himself known to the treasure of children there. I was privileged to hear some of Angie's hopes and dreams for her ministry in PC. She is there for the long haul and while her plans may sound overwhelming to us, we all know God has His way of making the big things small. Lots of awe inspiring, team work would help tremendously in bringing light and hope to an often forgotten population. I continue to pray for this ministry and will do whatever I can to see change happen for everyone involved there.